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Due COVID-19 Risks on public places, we suspended our operations till 6th April 2020.
After that date, If life become normal in general, we'll start operations again. Till that date, store minimum will be 999TL to allow person to see store inventory but orders will not be shipped.

Halka açık alanlardaki COVID-19 riski sebebi ile, en erken 6 Nisan 2020 tarihine kadar siparişleri durdurma kararı almış bulunmaktayım. Bu durumun; hem sizin hem kendi sağlığımı koruyabilmem için yapılması gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Uygun şartlar oluşursa 6 Nisan tarihinden sonra sipariş vermeye devam edebilirsiniz.



If you can not order because of high min. buy limit please contact me

Brickton Empire supplies Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) around the world with rare, high-quality used, and new LEGO sets and LEGO parts. With no minimum-buy limit we welcome every LEGO-Fan in our shop, regardless of order size and value. As a new opened LEGO® Store, we enhance our inventory to fulfill your brick requirements. We will never demand hidden charges and exaggerated shipping cost from customers.


Please visit delivery page to check approximate shipping rates.

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